The Legal Issues in Managerial Leadership course provides students with a foundational knowledge of the legal issues facing both start - up and established business enterprises in the areas of contracts, corporations, employment, insurance, intellectual property, international trade, leases, limited liability organizations, partnership, and homeland security concerns.

Provides an overview of Christianity, including its history, beliefs, and practices. Examines the personal and corporate dimensions of the Christian life and the role of spiritual disciplines within the Christian Life.

Considers counseling and collaboration with children, families and professional colleagues from the perspective of a Biblical worldview. Prepares practitioners to implement diversity issues into their literacy lessons. Utilization of counseling theory, techniques and advocacy will be presented in the course. Provides application in group interaction, navigating relational conflict, and focusing on the individual. Uses the Biblical worldview as the foundation on which values, morality, and ethical practice considerations will be formulated.

This course examines the challenges that educators face in creating inclusive classrooms for all students. Theory and practice will be studied to help educators design effective strategies for working with gifted students and supporting IEP goals for disabled and exceptional students. Assessment instruments, both group and individual, will be identified along with a variety of methods for measuring student growth and understanding.

This course links reading skills across the curriculum through the use of instruction strategies and assessments. The use of textbooks, trade books, and electronic texts are explored with a focus on integrating a variety of strategies to enhance student understanding in content areas. 3 credit hours

Provides in-depth experience with teaching and assessment of literacy in an elementary setting supported by on-site faculty guidance and supervision. All students must have a fingerprint and background check completed by the Missouri Highway Patrol and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Professional fee.

Considers ethical practices and behaviors from the perspective of the leader as it relates to decision making, planning, moral dilemmas , and the ability to lead. A biblical worldview will be the foundation and basis on which the ethical though t of values, morality, and ethical practices considerations will be formulated. The concept of ethical leadership power will also be considered.

Introduces adult development theory and links these concepts to life through a process of individual reflection. Examines classical and contemporary adult development. These theories provide the paradigm for self- analysis and life assessment.

Examines the symptoms, classifications etiology, treatment, and prognosis of abnormal behavior.