Presents Old Testament Foundations of Leadership by the use of case studies of Old Testament leaders to demonstrate positive and negative examples of leadership. Provides background of different leadership styles as they appear in the Old Testament. Provides the student with the information necessary to enhance his/her leadership style. Provides daily devotional leadership material.

Prepares practitioners to meet the literacy needs of diverse populations. Examines social, cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, age, gender, and linguistic diversity in order to gain a better understanding, to identify risks related to learning, and to plan provisions for student success. 3 semester hours credit.

Provides an opportunity for students to examine educational practices and to apply research principles for designing, conducting, and analyzing an approved action research project or a curriculum analysis design. Their findings will be presented in a public forum. To be taken at the conclusion of the graduate program.

Includes an exploration of the teaching process, state and national standards, utilization of technology, development of learning objectives, and alignment of lesson plans and assessments. Studies theory and practice to help educators design effective strategies for working with all students.

EDU 5153 - Teaching Math in Elementary II

Focus on the theoretical models, instructional methods, curriculum designs, and self-reflective practices that promote student learning and development in the secondary content classroom area. Students complete modules specific to their content area specialty: Art, Music, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics, Business, English, and Social Sciences. Three graduate credit hours.

In this experience, the student will enter the Capstone experience course with a firm understanding of Biblical and ethical principles and theory, leadership models, leadership in human resources and organizational behavior, communication skills, legal understanding, and finance in leadership. Your final project is to synthesize your entire course work into a cohesive plan that incorporates the main objectives of the courses in your Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) program. The plan is YOUR strategic action plan for your business or religious organization with your ration ale, application and reflections for the plan for a specific action or change.

Provides an understanding of practical implication of various theories of human workplace behavior. Examines key aspects of organizational and workplace - related aspects of emotional intelligence.