Focuses on research - based guidance and discipline concepts for effectively managing student behaviors and solving discipline problems. Emphasis is placed on theories and techniques of behavior management to effectively apply preventive, supportive, and corrective strategies in the school environment.

Provides knowledge of methods of assessing student achievement, aptitude, and performance. Emphasis is placed on formative and summative assessments, as well as the use of informal to standardized assessments to engage in data based decision making. Statistical terms and methods are also studied.
Provides an opportunity for students to examine educational practices and to apply research principles for designing, conducting, and analyzing an approved action research project or a curriculum analysis design. Their findings will be presented in a public forum. To be taken at the conclusion of the graduate program.

Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child studies the physical, social, mental and emotional characteristics of the exceptional child, from birth through high school. Includes an overview of assessment measures, legal issues, the diagnosis and the characteristics of exceptionalities, support services, management of individualized education plans and other
current topics in special education.

This course covers physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development
from conception to adolescence. Special attention will be given to educational concerns and application of theory.

In this experience, the student will enter the Capstone experience cour se with a firm understanding of Biblical and ethical principles and theory, leadership models, leadership in human resources and organizational behavior, communication skills, legal understanding, and finance in leadership. Your final project is to synthes ize your entire course work into a cohesive plan that incorporates the main objectives of the courses in your Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) program. The plan is YOUR strategic action plan for your business or religious organization with your ration ale, application and reflections for the plan for a specific action or change.

The Legal Issues in Managerial Leadership course provides students with a foundational knowledge of the legal issues facing both start - up and established business enterprises in the areas of contracts, corporations, employment, insurance, intellectual property, international trade, leases, limited liability organizations, partnership, and homeland security concerns.